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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Reflections

This last week has been very interesting and a great learning process for me and my husband. We are learning to change our bad habits and incorporate new ones. We are learning to deal with the changes with a positive not thinking about being deprived of anything but rather thinking about what's better for us. We've grumbled some here and there, but overall we remain positive and committed to live right.

When I started blogging, I weighed myself on our Wii balance board, fully clothed with sweatshirt and shoes and was shocked that I had gained so much. I had about 3 pounds of heavy clothes on but, still...subtract that and...whew! I went into the Wii Fit Menu yesterday and did a body test while clothed in shoes and lightweight clothing. After all the math was done, I was 4 pounds lighter than last week...but still 5 pounds heavier than my last weigh in (170-some days ago). I must say that the loss is probably attributed some to monthly hormones and body cleansing through some juicing. (Get my drift?) My husband scored big....he lost approx. 8 pounds since January 1. We're still trying to figure out the weight loss vs. how he weighed himself. I'm sure we'll settle into a pattern this next week. Not only have we cut calories, we've cut added sugars like sodas (poor JT) and sweetened coffee (poor me).

Working out has been OK. I like working clears my mind...makes me feel like I DID gets out my frustration (Boxing!!!). I've completed 2 workouts of the 6 week challenge body makeover and #3 is today. The biggest challenge in these workouts are the crunches (remember my 3-month-pregnant-looking bulge) and yesterday there were pushups! I'm feeling the aches today....but that's part of the transformation process.

Remember IT3 (posted January 3) will I impact today? Based on the way I'm living today...will it transform my tomorrow?

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