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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Spiritual Loss. Amen!

Every day I visit the calorie count website and log in my daily food intake and activities. So far, I overshot my calorie goal by 80 calories on my first day, and undershot it yesterday by 700! My husband, on the other hand was opposite of me. On the first day, he made his goal with about 50 calories to spare and the second day, overshot it. We are really learning about food! What we thought wasn't too bad turned out to be really bad. We are learning to closely watch what we eat - especially second helpings!

Now, with the calorie burn meter they tell you to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Thankfully, as I sit here and type this, I'm burning some calories! (Hey, I'll take all I can get.) The website has an extensive list of activities that you can add to your burn meter. As I was browsing, I noticed that my husband's Fall hobby of hunting deer burns a whopping 3,000 calories each time he goes out! I burn calories with the housework I do and time spent in music practice. What was VERY surprising (surprising that it was listed I suppose) was that attending church service burns calories!! Sitting quietly in church burns 77 calories per hour. (Who knew??) While attending a church service, sitting, talking or singing, and actively participating in the service burns 115 calories per hour! (WOW) I don't know if this will bring more people to church or not, but our church holds 3 services on Sunday. Maybe God is on to something, ya think? Logging in my church attendance yesterday (and I'm an active participant) gave me a calorie burn of over 700 calories! That includes the time spent in conversation with friends after church was over last night. Whoever says church is bad for you is wrong! The longer I stay and actively participate in singing and taking notes, the more calories I burn! I'm at a spiritual loss! (HA HA) Can I hear an Amen to that? Chalk up another 2 calories for that one!

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