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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't Think. Just Shrink.

I am down to the last 5 - FIVE - pounds to reach my goal! WooHoo!! Or should I say, 'HooWah.' I am so excited to wear a dress tomorrow that I haven't been able to wear in I don't know how many years. I can't believe it!! It's a black dress with an off-white, lace overlay on the top that has scalloped edges. I will post a picture tomorrow to show you all! That is if there's anyone out there reading this. LOL

Barry's Boot camp has been very tough. Today is Day 20 out of 30. I have never been this broken down - body and spirit - but I know I will come out stronger on the other side. Barry always has little sayings to help you along. For example, "Don't think. Just Shrink" and "Pain is weakness leaving your body." A few days ago, I was broken to the point of tears. I felt I just couldn't hang on and then....this was funny....I head Barry say, "C'mon! Don't give up! Hang in there. Keep going." Talk about timing. I needed that and I made it through!!! His workout has several conditioning exercises and are just one minute at a time. For me, it reduces the monotony of repeating an exercise over and over. And the resistance bands (which are not like any I've used before) are used in just the right way to offer a challenge. Next week I take it up another level which will be over an hour of working out. It's been over 10 years since I worked out for that amount of time. I used to go to the gym before I went in to work and I would work out for an hour. However, it was nothing like this! Barry's workouts total a 550 calorie burn. Whew! And you REALLY feel it!

My Atkins experience has been going well. I am not hungry and I am getting a LOT of veggies in my diet. I am able to eat more than when I was just counting calories. The other day I took the kids out to IHOP and while they had pancakes, I had an omelet filled with spinach and mushrooms and topped with cheese. It was only a couple of carbs (from the spinach and mushrooms and cheese) but they are good carbs. I was full for a VERY long time unlike counting calories where I could eat very little and would be hungry again. I went to McDonald's last week and I had a Big and Tasty sandwich - threw away the bun and ate the burger with the veggies and cheese and mayo - all of 1 carb maybe. Can't do that kind of stuff when I'm counting calories. I'm up to 25 carbs a day now and feelin' good. I spend a little more time in the kitchen preparing a side dish of vegetables for myself since I can't eat some of the other veggies that my family eats. Sometimes I will eat an avocado, or saute some zucchini, fry up some onions...things like that to get in the good carbs.

I'm in the home stretch now and I am sooo close to the finish line for my weight loss goal. I doubt whether I can get there but I'm going to try! And I certainly enjoyed the trip getting to where I am now! I'm still eating healthy, living healthy, and thinking healthy. All ingredients for balanced moment at a time.