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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm drinking my coffee this morning, thinking about what to write and I'm noticing the words on my mug: Impact Today, Imagine Tomorrow, Inspire Transformation. This is actually my husband's Information Technology (IT) motto for the IT department of the US Postal Service. They call it IT3. How interesting! That very catch phrase can be used for daily living, I think.

How can I impact today? I can make an impact in my children by spending some time reading to them or teaching them a valuable skill (of course that will inspire transformation too). I can make an impact on my eating habits that hopefully will inspire transformation! I can make an impact on my health today via exercise which I imagine tomorrow I will be very sore!!

My 6 week challenge workout begins today with the Wii active. Yesterday, I spent time setting up the fitness goals and weight loss journal. I also did a "workout with a friend", my husband who is on this journey with me, and we discovered we are sooooo out of shape! "Cupcakes" was the word he used. We lasted only 30 minutes, which was about half of the total workout, when we had to stop. We were panting so hard...but we burned about 100 calories in the process. The workouts on the new Wii active are so much fun, though. Waterskiing, boxing, squash, paddlesurfing...just to name a few...are so much fun to play and you really get a workout if you actually DO the motions. Ya know, with these game console exercise programs there are cheats. While holding the Wii remote, all you have to do is flinch and it counts it as taking a swing in boxing. Now where's the workout in THAT?!? Do the whole exercise or you will not be helping yourself!! No cheating, ya hear? I am inspiring my self for transformation!!

I also jumped on a calorie count website, thanks to my sister Amanda - who is also on this jouney with me but from long distance (Hi, Amanda). You just plug in your information and it sets up your calorie goals and weight loss goals. It will also grade you on your nutritional values. I was very surprised to find that it set me up with a 1300 calorie/day diet and my weight loss goal date of July 31, 2010. If I stick to it, and here's the exciting part, I will lose 25 pounds in 7 months! They set that goal date, not me! It's an average of a pound a week - which is where I set my personal goal for January (5 pounds in January). I'm imagining tomorrow and THAT inspires transformation!!

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