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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Going Green 101

After spending probably 2 hours at the store (OK it was Wal-Mart) and going up and down every aisle in the grocery section; after wondering if that thing really was an avocado or a very bumpy lime; after watching the total go up...up...up, I'm wondering if there is a tax deduction for all the green I'm putting in my cart! There is (or at least there was) a tax deduction for going green and buying a hybrid car so I think there should be a tax deduction for the reduction of calories that's going to be taking place in my house come January 1st. My fridge is definitely going green!!

Do you feel this way too, or is it just me? The cost of eating right - eating healthy - is enough to cause heart palpitations when I swipe my debit card at the cashier stand. I didn't buy "diet" food, or diet brands, or diet programs...just vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. "Where's the macaroni and cheese?" my oldest daughter asks me in a panic? (She saw peas go into the cart earlier and about passed out.) I tell her that I will make it - homemade. She likes that. At least we're not as processed as I thought we were.

I did use my Christmas money at Wal-Mart to buy a juice extractor. (Sounds like something that little green martian from the Bugs Bunny cartoons would have on his ship: the GE 2000 juice extractor.) I used to have a smaller one a few years ago but it quit working. I found one - I mean THE last one - at Wal-Mart that was black, to match my kitchen appliances, and it seems easy enough to use and clean. The last thing I remember making with my juicer before was carrot juice and something else that had cucumbers in it. I am excited to use it because I know juicing is VERY good for you. If you are an experienced juicer, I would appreciate some recipes and tips on how to get the most out of my juicing experience! Also, let me know if you find a deduction for purchasing a juice extractor!

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  1. Use beats in your juice mixes! And brocoli... Believe it or not, those two with some spinich leaves, mixed with some fruit, and the veggie flavor isn't really there, the beats make it purple, and the kids will most likely never know the difference! We've talked about juicing, but then again, you're comment on the price for veggies is a pain. We're lucky that WIC is giving money for fresh produce now, but it all depends on the kids. We get $6 each month on WIC for produce items and it usually gets us a couple of avacados and some celery, to which the kids end up not eating and Rob and I do.

    Another thing, when it comes to buying lettuce, buy Romain instead of iceburg. There aren't really any steady nutrients in the iceburg lettuce, but mostly water. The Romain is good, tastey and you can buy a three pack of hearts. One heart makes a good sized salad, too! And from the WW standpoint, most veggies out there are 0 points and so salads could be 0 points depending on the type of salad dressing you would use.

    Note: The price of Whole Grain/Wheat Pasta has gone down over the past few years and is the same price as regular white flour pastas. Opt for the brown stuff! It tastes great and is so much better for you! :-) Hannah LOVES it!